Monday, November 19, 2012


Wedding planning is...interesting.  Times like these I wish I was rich...

My dream honeymoon destinations: Fiji and/or Bora Bora.  Must be nice.
Figi Private day cruise


As I was searching for my dream wedding dress, I came across a fun new app on iTunes!!

Design dresses and sell them in your dress shop.  MUCH better than shooting birds!

For a FREE download: Dream Dresses

iPhone Screenshot 1

Wedding Dress Dreams

So, I'm getting married. I haven't been around much lately, just as my blog was starting to roll...I got engaged! Life is crazy. And I love it. And it's finally hitting me. And I am finally planning and figuring out the details.  Enjoying every minute.

This is my dream dress. 


I'm looking to have a knock-off made in China. No shame in my game. Any seamstress recommendations, holler at me. Budget < $500

Holiday Shopping? Extra Cash.

SHOPPING VOUCHERS, just in time for the holidays....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deals and Steals

Okay, so I really want the new iPhone.  What most people don't realize is there's no reason to pay for it.  So many promotions out there that will give it to you for FREE!  I just signed up for this and maybe you should too...

Can't wait for my upgrade!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Power of Thought

I believe that there are no universal truths.  I believe the nature of reality is relative and that whatever we believe is real, is real.  I love existential discussions and thinking about how we can change the world with our minds.  Am I crazy?

The Kybalion is one of my favorite books.  Have you read it?

I love indigenous thought.  Eastern philosophy.  Metaphysics.  Life and all its possibilities.
San Storyteller. Photo by Julian Asher
Via smithsonian
I believe in stuff like this:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

And this:
Via merkaba
And I love ideas like this: