Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deals and Steals

Okay, so I really want the new iPhone.  What most people don't realize is there's no reason to pay for it.  So many promotions out there that will give it to you for FREE!  I just signed up for this and maybe you should too...

Can't wait for my upgrade!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Power of Thought

I believe that there are no universal truths.  I believe the nature of reality is relative and that whatever we believe is real, is real.  I love existential discussions and thinking about how we can change the world with our minds.  Am I crazy?

The Kybalion is one of my favorite books.  Have you read it?

I love indigenous thought.  Eastern philosophy.  Metaphysics.  Life and all its possibilities.
San Storyteller. Photo by Julian Asher
Via smithsonian
I believe in stuff like this:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

And this:
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And I love ideas like this:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gorgeous Wood

While I tend to love modern clean lines.  I also love some earthy wood furniture.  I'm thinking about studying furniture design or industrial design.  We'll see.  Can't do everything.  So far I've created my own art but not furniture.  It's possible.  Have you made furniture before?

Imagine making something like this yourself.

via michael singer fine woodworking

Just beautiful!

Modern wonders in wood
Via eichler network

Stitched Table by Uhuru Design
Via roger allen
Pretty cool huh?  Well here's a great place to get started on your own designs: Ted's Woodworking

I'm back!!!

I was on a roll with this blog a few months ago but I had to take a break to enjoy my summer.

My summer was quite a whirlwind.  Deaths.  Marriages.  Engagements.  My life has truly changed in a matter of months and now I'm back to my writing.

Life is good folks.  And I'm grateful.   As autumn approaches I hope to increase my blog posts and get back to sharing the quiet life.  I may even write more personal stories in the future.  We'll see.

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