Monday, November 19, 2012


Wedding planning is...interesting.  Times like these I wish I was rich...

My dream honeymoon destinations: Fiji and/or Bora Bora.  Must be nice.
Figi Private day cruise


As I was searching for my dream wedding dress, I came across a fun new app on iTunes!!

Design dresses and sell them in your dress shop.  MUCH better than shooting birds!

For a FREE download: Dream Dresses

iPhone Screenshot 1

Wedding Dress Dreams

So, I'm getting married. I haven't been around much lately, just as my blog was starting to roll...I got engaged! Life is crazy. And I love it. And it's finally hitting me. And I am finally planning and figuring out the details.  Enjoying every minute.

This is my dream dress. 


I'm looking to have a knock-off made in China. No shame in my game. Any seamstress recommendations, holler at me. Budget < $500

Holiday Shopping? Extra Cash.

SHOPPING VOUCHERS, just in time for the holidays....