Friday, March 16, 2012

Freedom Friday

For this week's Freedom Friday I collected a series of beautiful images that express freedom or lack thereof in some way.  I love the interwebs for the access to beautiful art and information.  It's my pleasure to share with you, a freedom curator of sorts.  Please enjoy...

I read somewhere that wild horses still exist in North America.  Is this true?
wild horse
Via livingincourage
From a wonderful documentary called Freedom Riders.   A very important must see --
freedom riders
Via pbs Credit: Getty Images
freedom of speech
Via ejc

I'm not sure what the artist intended for this picture but it looks like a heart busting out of a barcode.  To me, it symbolizes the importance of love over commerce.  The freedom loving kindness can bring fighting against the way money and materialism can trap.  What does this look like to you??
Via inspire.ology

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