Friday, March 2, 2012

Freedom Friday

Freedom is a state of mind just as much as a physical condition.  I'd like to explore different aspects of freedom once a week.  I'm currently in the process of freeing myself from different things as I adopt a more quiet lifestyle.  I'm grateful for the freedom to design my life and the freedom to express myself. 

Around the world people are and have been redefining what it means to be free.

african rebel soldier
Via skrimshanker

syria freedom fighter
Via theatlantic

Benefits of meditation
Via mumzine
women protesting for planned parenthood protest
Via zeldalily

What does freedom mean for you?



  1. I am lucky to live in a country where I don't have to fight for my freedom ...

    1. It's great that not everyone has to fight literally. Some people also find their own personal battles to fight. Definitions of freedom aren't always literal or physical even. Thanks again for your comment. I love your blog btw.