Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quiet. Life. Style.

I'm sleepy today, having trouble focusing on my writing.  So here I am blogging, yet another way to procrastinate.  But somehow blogging feels much more worthwhile than my other modes of procrastination.

I have dreams of living on a small tropical island, away from it all, embracing indigenous culture and the earth.  Today my daydreams are taking me to the San Blas Islands.
San Blas Archipelago
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Known as Panama's gold, emerald, coral and lapis lazuli necklace, the San Blas Islands is are a chain of 365 islands and keys along the Caribbean Coast from the Gulf of San Blas to the Colombian border. 

I have friends who visited and loved it.  Apparently the tourism industry there is run by the indigenous Kuna people and not some larger commercial or government entity.  
San Blas Kuna people
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80% of the islands are uninhabited. The self-governing Kunas are zealously protective of their environment and way of life, one of the few pure races existing in the world. A people of great simplicity, pride and charm, they still conserve their traditions and beliefs foremost of which is "Gran Madre Tierra" or Mother Earth who guards, provides and keeps all in balance. 
San Blas Archipelago
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I'll get there...