Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Love Google+

I'm new to Google+ and after a few weeks of learning to maneuver my way around, I've decided that I like it.  I like it very much.  While Facebook is a great place to reconnect with old friends, that's about all it has really been for me.  I love that it's a contact book of everyone I've ever known and that I can reach out to any of them with a simple message.  But as something to do, as a way to spend time, it falls short.  Every hour I spend wasting on Facebook makes me feel less smart and more like  one of the dumb masses, exactly how watching some TV shows make me feel but far less entertaining.  Google plus however, has been much more challenging.  From figuring out how to maneuver around to figuring out its potential.  Google plus has simply been the most stimulating social networking experience as yet.  Here's why:

1. Kind Community
It amazes me how nice people are on Google+.  People you don't even know personally make it a point to reach out to you.  This feels like a genuine connection.  More genuine and more of a connection even than someone you know personally, "liking" a post on Facebook.  People on forums and chats can be downright mean to one another.  People on twitter also and if they are kind, the kindness feels contrived and phoney.  I spend an average of  about an hour a day a few days a week on the networking  sites, if that.  But in this time, I've made some really interesting connections.  I've had people reach out to help me figure out how to use Google+.  I've had people make suggestions to better promote my bog, I've had people make great recommendations.  The community on Google+ is giving and warm.  I'm not sure why, or what makes this site encourage more positive interactions amongst strangers, but it does and I love that.

2. Global
Google+ connects people globally in a way other networking sites don't.  Because of the overall openness of the Google+ community it's much easier and much more likely that your circles are comprised of complete strangers.  For me, many of those strangers are overseas.  Google+ makes for a more integrated global community and it's easier to see where someone is from as opposed to twitter which makes location easier to hide.

3. Thoughtful Posts
I really don't care about where you are or what you're doing as much as I care about what you think and what meaningful you have to say.  I've been thinking for a long time that in a society where people lack and need human connections, facebook and twitter are not the answer.  But Google+ might be.  Until recently, I've always had a strong dislike for social networking.  Everyone wants a voice and everyone wants to be heard but as I examine the role of ego  because instead of people posting random thoughts and doings that cater to those self indulgent, self righteous individuals out there.  Google+ seems to have attracted and encouraged more thoughtful, meaningful posts.  It seems to be more of a forum to share interesting ideas, rather than boast and banter about trivial things.  And I enjoy the trivial just as much as the next guy.  But I enjoy these things in the flesh.  I don't want to read about or see photos of the meal you're about to eat.  I want to invited over for dinner or out to the restaurant with you.  I simply don't care otherwise.  Luckily, on Google+ my stream is filled less with photos of lunch and more with thoughtful posts, political musings, community activism, or simply quirky interesting ideas.  I appreciate this so much I can't even tell you.

4. Artists
Google+ is a fantastic forum for artists of all kinds.  I love how so many visual artists share their work. From beautiful photography to innovative digital art, Google+ is an excellent way for artists and hobbyists alike to share their visions of the world.  I appreciate it for that.  I love to see what people around the country and around the world are creating, in a very non-pretentious, non-commercial way, people are simply sharing, enjoying and discussing.  And that's what art is supposed to be, in my humble opinion.

5. SEO
As I explore my own role here on the interwebs and finally succumb to what it means to connect this way, I'm having a great time as a new blogger and social networker.  I do look for ways that my blog can be read by more people.  I'm nowhere near an expert but from the little research I've done it seems Google+ has a handle on SEO in ways other networking sites don't.  Apparently the power of the +1 is more than the power of Facebook's like.  The jury's still out on that though.

Why do you love Google+?


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    1. Thanks so much...please come again :)

  2. Hi! I'm so glad I "found" you through David Maine's circle sharing. I have to yet to interact with you on the Google+ sphere though. I love your blog, it's simple, quiet, but insightful.

    Please visit my blog too, if you have the time. ;)

    1. Hi Allison, so glad you found me. I will def check out your blog, looking forward to it. Hope to see you on Google+!

  3. I would have to agree with you on your assessment and experience - very similar to mine.